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What We Do

gutter rash repair melbourne - alloy wheel repair

Alloy wheel repair and full wheel resprays in Melbourne.

painting calipers

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What We Fix

  • Full Respray / Colour Change
  • Gutter Rash on Wheels
  • Scratches on Wheels
  • Chips on Wheels
  • Grazes on Wheels
  • Colour Fading on Wheels
  • Curb Damage on Wheels
  • Any painted finish
  • Race Track Finishes

Option 1

You drop off your car or the damaged wheels to us.

We repair the damage in our workshop and you collect the car afterwards. This option is by appointment only.

Option 2

*Not Available in Winter
We come to you and repair your wheels on-site.

The advantage here is you don't need to drive anywhere for the repair

Wheel Repair Insight
Why repairing wheels is better than buying new ?

Understanding Alloy Wheels

alloy wheel repair - wheel painting - melbourne

Alloy wheel repair requires understanding of surfaces and preparation methods.
There are some types of damage which we cannot fix for you because it is either dangerous to do so or not possible to restore.

Alloy wheels can come in many types of finishes.
Some of these include - chrome, painted , pure alloy , powdercoated and some are combinations of powedercoating and paint eg.( shadow chrome ).

Each of these has a different finish and we will advise you on what is the best method to repair your alloy wheels.


Leanne - Point Cook

"Very happy with my alloy wheel repair , the colour match was perfect."

Frank - Doncaster East

"Thanks for the help guys, I am sure it will be easier to sell my car with the damage out."